Armstrong Dubois provide a comprehensive offering of business advisory and support services, designed to improve your business processes and identify potential opportunities. Our business consulting services provide tailored solutions with commercially relevant outcomes for all types of business. Whether you require advice on a start-up business, need assistance in strategic development expansion and growth, or require financial management and operational improvement services, Armstrong Dubois have the expertise to deliver reliable professional services with the most current advice and information.

Business Accounting and Reporting

Armstrong Dubois can assist you in the development and analysis of reporting structures, monitor and manage cash flow, and develop profit projections for your business. For a comprehensive list of the accounting services we provide please view our Financial Accounting Services

• Preparation, layout and interpretation of management reports

• Cash flow and profit projections

• Advice & setup of accounting and bookkeeping software packages

Business Valuations

To produce an accurate valuation of your business, Armstrong Dubois utilise cashflow, asset and market based approaches to reach a clear estimation of the economic value of the entity. Precise business valuations are critical for business sale or purchase, and can also provide evaluations of business model and projections of future earnings. Business valuation services include:

• Evaluation of business model

• Assessment of historical and future maintainable earnings and asset values

• Normalisation of earnings to account for one-off factors

• Appropriate valuation of the business utilising both income, asset and market based approaches

Business Evaluation and Improvement Services

Armstrong Dubois can provide a comprehensive business analysis framework to evaluate your organisation and offer potential improvement services. Evaluating the performance of your business can assist in the early identification of potential issues and provide tangible information for owners and managers. Analysing financial and non-financial drivers can provide pertinent information relating to business activity. Such information can be used as the foundation for future planning for the successful development of the organisation. Once an evaluation is complete Armstrong Dubois can provide practical approaches to improve business performance. Some of the business evaluation and improvement services we provide include:

• Identify solutions to improve performance and value

• Operations and process improvement

• Succession planning

• Remuneration consulting, salary packaging and development of profit executive sharing

• Change and program management

• Performance monitoring and evaluation

• Support for implementation and delivery of outcomes

• Benchmarking and industry comparisons

• Feasibility and viability studies and business case preparation

Business Planning, Structuring and Analysis

Effective business planning and structuring is essential to a successful business. Armstrong Dubois can assist you in developing a solid strategic or business plan, and analyse organisational performance, configuration and process to establish clear objectives for improved business outcomes. Succession planning is another vital process to assist owners in planning the future strategy and identifying priorities in the evolution of the business. Armstrong Dubois can provide guidance with these business planning, structuring and analysis services, as well as in the following areas:

• Establishment of corporate entities including company (private or public) incorporation, trusts or partnerships

• Strategic and business planning for new and existing businesses

• Review of organisational performance, structures and process

• Succession planning

• Dividend strategy

• Advice on asset protection issues

• Management consultancy

• Business mentoring and support

Mergers and Acquisitions

Armstrong Dubois can assist with the process of mergers and acquisitions through evaluation of proposals, business valuation and experience identifying opportunities and risks. Further services in this area include:

• Evaluation of business merger and acquisition proposals

• Appropriate valuation of business utilising both income, asset and market based approaches

• Identification of opportunities and risks

• Ensuring retention of knowledge based resources

Financial Management and Control Services

Utilising strategic financial management and control services can help address complex business challenges and optimise potential opportunities. Financial modelling and application including cost control programs and finance effectiveness, and performance measurement and financing advisory provide commercial outcomes which can be used to inform decision making within an organisation. Some of the financial management and control services Armstong Dubois provide include:

• Cost reduction programs and cost management accounting

• Finance function effectiveness

• Financing Advisory

• Performance measurement

• Risk assessment, control implementation and monitoring

Strategic Advisory and Operational Improvement Services

Armstrong Dubois can provide strategic and operational advisory and improvement services to help develop your business further. Take control of your business future with growth management and working capital acceleration advisory services, budgeting and forecasting and assessment of your competitors. Some of the services we provide include:

• Strategic planning & competitive assessment

• Budgeting and forecasting

• Growth management

• Working capital acceleration

• Business integration and development of alliances or merged entities

• Strategic pricing reviews

To discuss your individual needs please contact Armstrong Dubois:

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